D3D Plane Fade
(2/22/00 6:12:10 pm)

I have a very basic type Direct3D program where I create a flat plane that stretches along the z axis for a looooong way. Using the keyboard I can zoom in and out by moving the camera and the view target along the z axis. When I get a certain distance away from the plane it begins flickering on and off and if i stop when its off, it is not visible. Any ideas on how to avoid this???

Eric Coleman  
(2/23/00 11:00:07 am)

I think W-buffering might help. 

Daniel Netz
(2/23/00 5:23:27 pm)

Either that or you have to increase your clipping planes (in the projection matrix).
W-Buffer is alot of work, so I suggest you try changing the clipping planes first.

(2/25/00 3:00:13 pm)

The clipping planes did it... thanks very much.