Difference between D3D IM and D3D RM
(2/23/00 2:50:18 am)


Can someone explain what's the differens betwenn Direct3D IM and Direct3D RM.

(2/23/00 9:22:14 am)

In Immediate Mode (IM) you have to do everything... plot vertexes, polygons, etc.

In Retained Mode (RM) D3D does it for you (alot of it). You can just load a 3D model directly from a .x file and render it to screen.

D3DIM is better for games, I think, tho I've never used either yet. =)

Daniel Netz
(2/23/00 5:20:30 pm)

D3DRM has been dropped my MS, now they only do D3DIM.

D3DRM may seem better, but (I hope) as you all know low-level is better than high-level when it comes to programming. D3DRM has got much less support for new technologies, is slower and is suited mostly for doing 3D applications easily.