We were chosen as TechSightings.Com site of the day for April 13, 2000. 

Some quotes from the review: 

"This site is a great-looking, resourceful repository of source code, tutorials, articles, links and community for Visual Basic game programmers. " 

"It's got a different, artsy look and feel to it that you don't see very often in cyberspace these days." 

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We were chosen as VBWD's Cool Site of the Week for October 24, 1999 through October 30, 1999. 

Quote from the site: 

"You've put off coding a game in Visual Basic for too long. Voodoo VB is a great site, chock full of cool tutorials to get you up-to-speed in no time. This site has a clean design with easy navigation. Check it out today. "

We were chosen as an Abstract VB Top Site. Only 5 other sites have ever received this award :)

We were chosen as VB Gaming Central's Site of the Week.

We were chosen as a VB Great One Great Site