Biohazrd DirectX 7 Engine
The Biohazrd Engine is a full-featured set of modules that make manipulating DirectX to make stunning game worlds come to life easy. BiohazrdDD allows easy and powerful manipulation of DirectDraw for the sweetest eye candy. Grab control of input devices with BiohazrdDI. Control music and sound with BiohazrdDS and BioMusic.


    Full support for all basic DirectDraw functions.
    Easily create and display animations with dedicated functions.
    Easy file loads, RECT and DDSD structs automatically filled out.
    Support for alpha-blending effects through vbDABL.
    Poll the keyboard and mouse with DirectInput support.
    Support for sound playback through DirectSound.
    Enhanced MIDI playback through DirectMusic.
-Games using Biohazrd-

DDCK: Myth of Creation by Talos Studios
DDCK: Myth of Creation

The Biohazrd Engine is powerful and flexible enough to handle a full game or it can also be used as a rapid prototyping tool to create prototypes and concepts of your games.

Biohazrd is public domain, therefore it's royalty free.

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