Come in and listen to some of the leading programmers in the VB game development scene sound off about various issues related to games, programming, community, and anything else they can think of!

Jack Hoxley
Peter Kuchnio
Andy Owen (Rag on a Stick)
Eric Coleman
Jack talks about the current state of the VB Game community. Peter talks about the difficulties of finding a good free webhost and discusses some tips and strategies you can use to find a good one. Andy talks about the rivalry between VB and C++ Eric talks about VB and DirectX, how it has affected VB game development and where it is taking us.

Almar Joling
Jeff Smith (Metalwarrior)
Jim Perry (Machaira)
Mike Tighe (00_dork)
Almar talks about game promotion and timing your adveritisng. MetalWarrior discusses random elements in gameplay by looking at a particular game, Super Smash Brothers. To OOP or Not To OOP Mike's opinion on the state of the VB Gaming community and the importance of community projects.
Tristan Lambert
Voodoo 4
David Goodlad
Tristan talks about and give tips about Commenting and Code Layout. Voodoo4 gives a breakdown of the Doom series and what made it great. Column pending