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An incredible new site that has the potential to become one of the cornerstones of the VB game development scene. A webring, banner exchange, chat room, projects list, and reviews site all in one. It was only created recently but it growing at a really fast pace!
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DirectX 4 VB    Lucky's VB Gaming Page    Shado LTD    The Black Hole    VB Gaming Central
Ancient Code

Red Links = the site has been shut down, it no longer exists.

VB Game Development Websites

Anton's VB Gaming Page - Some tutorials including playing wav files and 3d starfields.
Cason's VB Programming - Some DirectX 7 tutorials (DirectDraw, DirectSound, etc.)
Corner of the Developer of Games - Lots of great tutorials covering 3D, 2D, music, input, and directplay
DirectX 4 VB - Tons of tutorials on both DirectX 7 and DirectX 8.
JakRabbit's VB Den - features a DirectFont Engine
Lucky's VB Gaming Page - It's Lucky's site - it rocks =)
Non-Linear Solutions - Advanced articles and source code, an excellent site.
Planet Source Code - Thousands of source code examples ready for download.
The Black Hole - Many files and articles - focused on RPG development.
The Programming Sharehouse - Offers links to many other sites.
The VB Zone - Some simple tutorials, a promising page.
VB Area 51 - Patrice Scribe's website.
VB Flux - Interesting projects and resources.
VB Games - features tutorials and source code.
VB Gaming Planet - Articles and tutorials on RPG development.

VB Engines and Libraries
Megalodon - Features a 2D tile engine, map editor, and item editor
Micheal Braitmaier's VB Page - An awesome DirectShow dll that allows avi streaming to a DirectDraw surface.
Revolution 3D Engine - An awesome 3D engine created in VB.
SR Interactive - Sprite Master utility.
TrueVision - Another awesome vb 3D engine

VB Game Developers
Apple Cat Studios - VB adventure game in development.
BlueCat Studios - Developers of BombermanVB.
Boneheads Interactive - Developers of SUP 2000.
C.I.G Games - Developers of Space Warriors 1 and 2.
Darkness Rising - Very promising VB community project in development.
Deep Space - A great looking space shooter in progress.
Divided Realms - FF-style RPG in development.
Eyesight Developments - Final Frontier, a space action game.
Galaxy - A sweet space action game, alpha version available.
Luminous Software - Co-developers of Tactics Legend 2.
MartWare - Developer of fun, small games.
Matt's Gaming Projects - Completed and in-progress games by Brykovian.
Mindportal Entertainment - Developers of Galactic Wars.
Nobis Productions - Several games, finished and in development.
Quadrant Wars - Massively multiplayer strategy game in development
QTD Entertainment - Developers of StellarX.
Talos Studios - My own game company =) Creators of DDCK.
Wild West - Great looking action/rpg in development
VB Limits - Developer of a new space themed game.
Xode Multimedia - Battlefire 1-3 and Battlefire 4 in development.

VB News, Reviews, and Previews sites.
VBGamer - The main vb game news site.
The Nexus - The main vb game news site.
VB Game Programming Web Ring - Awesome new community site.
VB Gaming Planet - Some reviews and previews

Game Development Websites

Flipcode - Daily game development news and resources. Features, articles, source, etc.
Gamasutra - Articles about game development, many written by professionals.
Gamedev.net - Huge game development site with many tutorials, articles, and resources.
Game Development Search Engine - Search engine for all things game dev related.
Game Institute - Online game programming classes. Adam Hoult, former webmaster of VBGC teaches a class here =)
IsoMetrix - Nice site with lots of resources for everything isometric related.

Programming Websites

Programmer's Heaven - Huge site with plenty of resources for many different programming languages.
Visual Basic Programming Zone - Large resource for Visual Basic programmers. Features articles, code, tips, and tools.
VB Wire - Non-stop Visual Basic news, as well as a large links list.

Free Art Software

3D Canvas - 3D modeller similar to Caligari's Truespace. This one was made in VB.
Blender - Very powerful and professional 3D modelling and rendering package.
Gimp - 2D Image manipulation program similar to Photoshop.

Art Resources

3D Cafe - Huge 3D art site, features many free models, textures, and tutorials.
Peter Sharpe's Bryce 3D Tutorials - Very nice tutorials for users of Bryce3D.
Third Dimension - Very nice tutorials about modelling the human body in 3D.

Game Publishing and Distribution
Free Games - A free games listings website
GarageDeveloper International - publisher of indie games.
Garage Games - Publisher of indie games, offers the Tribes 2 engine to its developers for $100.
GameHippo - Huge and popular freeware games site.
Program Files - Huge site, also mirrors your files.