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Eye 3D

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Accessing DirectDraw, Direct3D Immediate Mode and DirectSound * 16-bit color depth * first person 3D viewport * viewport HUD display * backbuffering and page flipping * color key transparency * alpha translucency * darklight shadow effects * animated textures * hardcoded decal handling * dynamic lighting * Detection of hardware accellerators including 3DFX cards * 3D wave audio * extensively documented * freeware


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24-bit alpha-translucency * lighting, shadowing and translucent blits * works with visual basic or any other language under windows * assembler library provided * demo provided * fully documented * freeware


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VoxelSpace is a 3D demo based on classical voxel rendering algorithms. VoxelSpace features 3D terrain rendering using 24bit depth, texture mapping, dynamic lighting, atmosphere effect, animated water, semitranslucent overlays and more. VoxelSpace has been developed in pure Visual Basic, though some external library calls to the win32 api have been unavoidable.


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Accessing DirectDraw, Direct3DRM and DirectSound * 16-bit color * backbuffering * transparent blitting * direct memory access to surface memory * D3D driver detection * RGB color model * D3DRM mesh object manipulation * textured meshes * texture transparency * decals * animated textures * MIRROR effect * dynamic lighting * dynamic sound * background music * 20fps on Pentium266 * fully documented * freeware


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three-d mandelbrot set explorer * opengl with visual basic * intuitive user interface * calculating fractals * drawing polygons in opengl * user interface in vb * freeware


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This program can create special effects in sprite format. You can control almost every aspect how your animation should look like: flames, explosions, plasma, etc.


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Terraingen produces high quality terrain maps. You can use them for an texture, or simply as heightmap!

Priority Queue

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Shows how to use linked lists and how to create a 'priority queue'


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ERacers features include true 3D terrain, lensflares, dynamic lighting, texture animation, mipmapping, mesh animation, decals, alphatranslucency, interactive interface, sizable viewport, true 3D sound, complex physics, fighter ai and more.

Designed by Almar Joling,