Sunday 29th June, 2003

VoodooVB is Moving at 12:21 GMT by voodoovb
Yes, that's right, VoodooVB will soon be having a change of address and servers, since the site is taking up too much bandwidth at its present location. This has become a burden for the current host, who is planning some future expansion, so we are forced to move house. This marks server change number 1 000 000 in VoodooVB's 5 year history ;)

The good news is, Eric Coleman has very kindly given the site some living space on his servers, so over the coming month I'll begin transferring VVB to the new servers.

With any luck, we'll be able to transfer all of the posts from the forum to the new location as well.

Sunday 5th January, 2003

VB Gaming X-Mas Contest at 15:17 GMT by voodoovb
So the VB Gaming X-Mas Contest 2002 is here, and guess what, it's the third annual one :) Make sure to head over to the voting page and cast your votes.

The game I've been working on, Alpha 7, is in the contest too. So check it out here, and if you like it, give us a vote. Hey, why not? :D

In actual VoodooVB news, an update is coming soon, with lots of new source code samples.

Tuesday 17th December, 2002

Back Online! at 22:42 GMT by voodoovb
VoodooVB is finally back online, after the servers it was on where knocked out by snowstorms.

Thankfully, everthing is back online. Thanks to Paul Hunt for keeping everyone on his network updated about the situation and the speed with which he managed to get everything back up. Cheers :)

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